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Bullet Journaling

So Ive come across this new-ish thing called “Bullet Journaling” It was created by a guy that just wanted to keep things organized and simple while letting it be adaptable. I don’t know how many times Ive tried using different planners and binders to try to keep my life in order at lest a little. Now many of them would work for about a week and them it became more of a chore to use it then it was to do the chores I needed to do. 

With bullet journaling you don’t need any special binder nor do you need to order some $40 planner with super fancy colors and founts. You just need any notebook you like and a pen. 

Bullet Journaling is a method of organization. It is so simple it’s complicated. I only say that because when you first watch the video (I will link it below for you) You may think it’s super complicated and exhausting to catch on. BUT once you pick up the idea behind it and really get whats going on, Its so easy and I find myself having so much more free time now that I’m not waisting it on trying to remember what I’m scheduled to do. 

So check out the video by the creator, Ryder Carroll, and let me know what you think! Also if you have a bullet journal what are some cool things you’ve done with it? 

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